About Us

The Next Steps Foundation are bridging the gap between autism and employment. 

After being diagnosed with aspergers at a young age our founder Jack Dyrhauge decided to start the foundation to give others the support and guidance needed to start their careers. With 80% of our team diagnosed with autism, we lead with expertise and experience. 

In Bristol, there are 6000 people diagnosed with autism. Unfortunately, 84% of these individuals are unemployed or do not have access to employment opportunities. The lack of support spans over the whole country. With over 700,000 people diagnosed with autism in the U.K, only 14% are in full time work. This consequently affects 2.8 million families. The opportunity for employers is vast. 

The Next Steps Foundation

  • Our team is to creating better access to employment for people with Autism, with over 85% of the adult population unemployed, there is a lot of unfound talent out there.
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