The Next steps Foundation

Connecting neurodiverse talent to diverse employers

Only 14% of Adults with autism are in full time employment, The next steps foundation was started to help people with autism find a job they want by providing access to tailored support & employment opportunities with diverse employers.


We help employers better understand neurodiversity through working with their recruitment and HR divisions to be able to maximise from a neurodiverse workforce 
We provide neurodiverse candidates access to mentors, training programmes and employment opportunities to ensure they are equipped with the skills  and confidence to start a career.

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“Jack Dyrhauge is pioneering new approaches in helping the Autistic community find rewarding roles in companies across the South West. There is enormous scope to improve access to jobs for young adults with Autism, and Jack’s Next Step foundation is a welcome initiative for Bristol and across the region.”

Marvin Rees
The Mayor of Bristol

The Next Steps Foundation

We are bridging the gap between autism and employment.

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